Synergy of global manufacturing skill combined with localized service. Synergy of global manufacturing skill combined with localized service.

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Seduno Group NY exemplifies the fusion of global manufacturing expertise with local service and accountability. Based in New York, our garment manufacturing proficiency seamlessly weaves together innovative design, strategic merchandising, and inspired creativity. We empower our clients and our factories for enhanced communication and execution, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

Seduno Group NY is the US-based service arm of Ningbo Orient Hongye a Seduno Group company, a worldwide leader in cut-and-sewn knits. Founded in 1994, Seduno Group has grown into one of the world’s largest cut and sewn knitwear specialists, with company-controlled production complexes, offices, and design studios in a total of 11 countries, with annual sales of more than US $700 million.

Ningbo Orient Hongye established our New York operation in 2014 as an outgrowth of an organic business relationship between General Manager Richard Weinsieder and Mr. Xu Jian Chang, Vice Chairman of the Seduno Group Co and General Manager of Seduno’s Ningbo Orient Hongye Import & Export Company.

As co-founders of the fashion leather brand Phillipe Monet, Richard Weinsieder and his wife, Meryl Weinsieder, played a pioneering role in global sourcing for the US apparel industry. Over the past three decades, they have served as co-heads of their apparel development and manufacturing company. During this time, they established robust production partnerships with factories in China and Vietnam, some of which were under the direction of Mr. Xu.

Through these business interactions, a mutual respect developed. Following Richard Weinsieder's assistance in resolving a challenging and fraudulent issue related to one of Orient Hongye’s customers, Mr. Xu recognized the importance of having a permanent representation in the US. This presence would facilitate collaboration with clients, promote business development across the US, Canada, and the Americas, as well as in the EU and UK.

Design showrooms
Design showrooms
Design showrooms
  • - Seduno Group NY is not an agent.
  • - Our dedication goes beyond merely pursuing profits; we prioritize being the best in all aspects of what we do.
  • - We are here to break boundaries and redefine your expectations.
  • - We are not limited by conventional thinking.
  • - We're the vital link within the Seduno Group, granting you immediate entry to Seduno's comprehensive global manufacturing network for cut-and- sewn knits. Our local service team is your dedicated partner, guiding you seamlessly through every step of the development and production process.

Think of us as more than just a part of the Seduno Group; we are the essential bridge that grants you direct guided access to Seduno's integrated global manufacturing network for cut-and-sewn knits. Our local service team is your committed partner, ensuring a smooth journey throughout the entire development and production cycle.