A positive impact on our customers & the environment A positive impact on our customers & the environment


A Positive Impact on our Customers and the Environment

A Positive Impact on our Customers and the Environment

Seduno’s Commitment to the Environment

Seduno Group has implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy that includes water reclamation, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and use of renewable energy to help make our company a better place to work, and our world a better place to live.

environmental action

Our fabric mill uses low-energy, high-efficiency Thies dyeing machines, coupled with advanced dyeing technology to significantly reduce the amount of dye and water needed—meeting today’s demands for environmentally friendly and cost-effective production. In Vietnam, we have introduced a range of other energy-saving technologies, with solar panels now generating the electricity consumed on-site; we have also installed a biomass boiler, and renovated three other boilers to be more energy efficient.

spotlight on water

Next to the actual fabrics, water is one of the most highly used resources in the manufacturing of apparel. In its fresh state, water is also one of the scarcest resources on the planet. To help conserve our water, protect our environment and preserve human health, Seduno’s washing and dyeing factories employ an effluent system that adheres to stringent water reclamation standards—boasting 60% reclamation for reuse. In addition, our Vietnam fabric mill has a complete water reclamation system, with actual fish swimming in pools at the final stage before the water re-enters the adjacent river. Our Water Reclamation System:

- Decreases pollution
- Conserves water
- Protects the environment
- Meets strict government standards
- Saves money for Seduno and our customers